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Tuesday, 2 September 2014 12:54pm

The education section of our website has a new menu structure, with an increased level of content and information to assist teachers and parents.

There are three main categories that provide focused points of reference: accessible media for diverse learners, hearing impairment and deafness and low vision and blindness.

Access to media in schools, an important issue that needs to be considered and addressed, can be assisted by using a Universal Design for Learning approach and also the use of technology to support access.

Professional links and information for teachers working with students who are Deaf or have hearing impairment include the importance of a quieter classroom, the use of captions, the link between captions and literacy, access to the Australian curriculum and so much more. The all-important issue of where to find captioned content and what to do if captions are not available, combined with support services information for parents, are good places to find additional information.

For teachers working with students who are blind or have low vision, ways to access the curriculum through technology and other means, a look at audio description in the classroom, combined with our database of audio described DVDs are sources of practical information.

Further information and an overview of some of the issues regarding access to media and technology in Australian schools for students who are blind or have low vision is provided in our Vision education scoping study report.

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