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As a leading voice on accessibility, Media Access Australia is committed to providing a website which is available to the widest possible audience. We are continuously seeking to improve the experience of our site for all users, regardless of disability or the devices they use.

This website has been designed to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 ‘AA’ level. Compliance with this standard has been achieved through practical implementation during development, user testing and ongoing maintenance.

All new content is compliant and this website has regularly scheduled accessibility checks to ensure continued WCAG 2.0 compliance.

However, please note that a large amount of content has been transferred over from our previous website which operated on a different system. While this content has undergone checks, due to its size and our limited resources as a not-for-profit organisation, some content may not be 100% compliant.

Ensuring access for all users is important to Media Access Australia, so please contact us if you have any difficulties using this site, to give us feedback or for any further information.

National Relay Service

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service.


Sometimes our content includes embedded media such as videos or slideshows. The accessibility of these media cannot be guaranteed, however an accessible alternative is always made available where possible.

We also use third party providers from time to time for activities such as marketing or surveys. For example, we use MailChimp for email marketing purposes. This has been chosen specifically because, according to our assessments, it is currently the most accessible email marketing platform. However, there are some minor issues with this platform, over which we have no control. AddThis social sharing buttons are used on our content pages, with which its creators have implemented screen reader and keyboard navigation features to make AddThis more accessible. While we cannot take responsibility for the accessibility of third party products, this is always assessed prior to use. We seek to work with third party providers to encourage changes that will improve the accessibility of their products.

Using this website

Adjusting the text size

You can make the text size on this website larger or smaller using the following keyboard commands:

  1. Hold down the CTRL key (Microsoft Windows) or the ‘Apple’ key (Mac OS X) on your keyboard
  2. Use the + or – key, or scroll with your mouse wheel to make text bigger or smaller
  3. Keep repeating step 2 until the text is at a suitable size

Tab-based navigation

This website allows full tab-based navigation. The website has a main menu of menu items (e.g. Television, DVD, Education, About) and each of these menu items has its own sub menu.

  • When you are on a menu item or link pressing enter will take you to that page
  • Pressing enter on a main menu item will take you to that section, which will have its own sub menu
  • Pressing enter on a sub menu item take you to that page and will also expand any subsections below
  • Holding down ‘shift’ as you tab will take you through the tab cycle in reverse order

Other navigation aids


  • ‘Skip to’ links are available to navigate through pages and sections on the website.
  • You can ‘Skip to Content’, ‘Skip to Main Menu’, ‘Skip to Submenu’ and ‘Skip to Search.’
  • The ‘Skip to Submenu’ can be used to navigate to the individual menu of a section (e.g. television)

Note that Skip-tos are invisible on the site but they can be tabbed to.


Breadcrumbs are included on the site. These are a series of links that show you your trail back to the home page from the section you are in.


You can search our website using basic search or advanced search.


This website includes proper use of headings that can be navigated through depending on the navigation settings of your screen reader.


Whenever possible, links have been written meaningfully to make sense when read out of context, such as by a screen reader.

Images and graphics

All images and graphics include descriptive “alt” attributes (alt text).

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