Education highlights of 2014

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Friday, 19 December 2014 11:09am

This year we have further explored accessible media and resources available to support students with diverse learning needs.

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Vision education has seen a keener focus in 2014, following on from our Vision Education Scoping Report from 2013. The accessibility of classroom materials in diagrammatic form, and also the potential of 3D printing and how Google Glass can flip the classroom were among the exciting new developments.

The Classroom Access Project (CAP), a targeted initiative to provide access to captioned multimedia and improved sound in mainstream classroom settings, featured again this year. The Classroom Access Project (a case study) was presented as a poster at the Australian Council for Educational Research’s ‘Excellence in Professional Practice Conference’, in line with the National School Improvement Tool Domain 4: Targeted use of school resources.

Our annual CAP THAT! campaign reached its 4th year, encouraging teachers to sign up to be Captions Champions in their school, to raise awareness of the benefits of captions being turned on in class for enhanced benefits for all students. This year through CAP THAT! even more resources were made available for teachers, including lesson plans, ‘how to’ videos and information about where to find captions.

An interview, Kate Kennedy, winner of the Roma Wood OAM Award at the 2014 Captioning Awards, gave an insight into the important work Kate does assisting parents make informed choices, and the excellent advocacy that she undertakes raising awareness of the benefits of captions to parents and school communities.

A refresh of our Education section includes a comprehensive range of topics and information regarding accessible media and technology for students with diverse learning needs, including those with hearing impairment/deafness and low vision/blindness.

The exciting news about a dedicated TV Channel for primary school children, Discovery Kids, with 100% captioned content, has been included in our new look section, along with extensive information about finding captioned content, both free and subscription based.

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