The ‘model classroom’ in action

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The Classroom Access Project (CAP) operated for 20 weeks in both trial schools, which provided necessary longevity to test the concept of access to captioned video and other media and improved sound in mainstream schools.

  • Detailed purpose - designed training program for school staff, including teachers and librarians.
  • The model classroom in each CAP trial school was an ordinary high school classroom assigned by the school principal. Various year groupings were timetabled through the classroom, including both students with hearing impairment and their hearing peers.
  • The initial CAP Project set the template and Classroom Access Project 2 developed the concept in greater depth.

The classroom was characterised by:

  • All video and other media content shown throughout the project was captioned, as that was a central aim of the project.
  • Classroom technologies included an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), with both a laptop and a Soundfield amplification system connected to the IWB.
  • The Soundfield amplification system provided dual benefit, increasing the sound of the teacher’s voice and any audio played through the IWB.
  • The IWB displayed captioned video and other media.
  • Teachers used a microphone from the Soundfield amplification system, which transmitted the sound of the teacher’s voice evenly around the classroom, giving all students the opportunity to hear direct teacher instruction.
  • An additional hand held microphone was available for students to use for classroom discussions. Students with hearing impairment also gained additional benefit from their FM system to optimise their learning opportunities.

For further information about implementing the CAP in your school contact:

Anne McGrath
Education Manager

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