Apple iPad and iBooks

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An apple iPad can be used as an eReader through the use of an app called iBooks, which is free in the apple store. iBooks can read aloud eBooks downloaded or purchased through the book store. It can also open ePub and PDF documents available on the device.

The accessibility features for iBooks are:

  • Enlarge or minimize the font size
  • Change the font style for your book
  • Change the brightness of the book
  • Choose if your book has flip pages or is one big document that you can scroll through like a word document on your pc
  • Bookmark pages
  • Select chapters through a contents page, which goes straight to the start of the chapter

In addition, you can use the built-in accessibility features such as VoiceOver to turn the text into a talking book.  Further information on how to enable the iPad accessibility features can be found in the iOS section of the website.

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