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An e-reader has been traditionally defined as a hand-held portable device designed specifically for storing and reading e-books. While there are some entry-level e-reader models that remain as a standalone product, e-reading devices today are generally based on popular tablets that contain e-reading apps. Examples include the Amazon Kindle Fire using its built-in e-reader software, Apple iPad using iBooks and Android tablets using Google Play Books. The Kindle app is also available on the iPad and Android tablets, widening the choice for e-books across a variety of platforms.

While a tablet is not essential in reading an e-book, they do allow for the accessibility features contained in Android and iOS to be used to support the e-reading experience. In addition, the tablet form factor and e-reading apps offer useful features such as a back-lit screen and the ability to bookmark pages, make notes, highlight and save selected text, change font sizes and styles, access an inbuilt dictionary and allow the book to be read out by the screen reader.

The following are well supported e-reading devices that also contain a number of accessibility features:

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