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Audio description on TV in the UK

The United Kingdom has the most developed and regulated market for audio description, which appears on both free-to-air and subscription TV.

Audio description quotas require a maximum of 10% of audio description on TV depending on the size of the channel, with some exemptions for live programming such as news and live sport. In 2008 the highest level channels reached the full 10% quota requirement for audio description, although a number of them exceeded this.

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Ofcom releases results of text relay services research


UK media and communications regulator Ofcom has released the results of its research into Britain’s telephone text relay services.

Ofcom surveyed deaf people with different levels of hearing loss to assess the use and value of current text relay and other services and whether or not new technologies provide better means of communication for Deaf and hearing impaired people.

Key findings of the survey were that:

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Ofcom publishes Single Equality Scheme Annual Report

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Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has published its Single Equality Scheme Annual Report that details the progress of its equality commitments, including action on disability issues.

The Single Equality Scheme is Ofcom’s action plan towards achieving its seven goals for diversity and equality. Some goals are internal, such as aiming to increase the number of people from diverse groups working at Ofcom, including in executive and advisory capacities.

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