How to find accessible media

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Finding captioned video

Searching for captioned videos on iTunes

The iTunes store has a small but growing number of close captioned movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy. You can also search for closed captioned educational video content through iTunes U. You can watch these videos on your computer using iTunes, or on the iPhone, iPod touch  or iPod classic.

Read our guide to searching for and playing captioned videos on iTunes in our video section.

Searching for captioned video using Harkle

Harkle is a search engine that looks for captioned video and audio on the internet that matches your search request. 

Searching for captioned video on YouTube

You can search for close captioned YouTube videos through the YouTube website. YouTube also has a number of advanced features such as auto-transcribe that uses Google’s speech recognition software to provide automated captions for YouTube videos, auto-translate that translates English language captions into different languages and interactive transcriptions.

Visit our how-to guides for YouTube to learn how to search for captioned videos on YouTube, turn on captions as well as use YouTube's auto-translate, auto-transcribe and interactive transcript features.

Why not caption your own YouTube videos too?

Other sources of captioned video

You will find other closed captioned video on the internet, however not all will be discoverable using a search engine.

Finding audio described video

The Narrative Television Network has a number of audio described feature-length movies that you can watch free of charge. You will need to install RealPlayer if you don't already have it to be able to watch the movies.

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