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What’s new this week with accessible cinema?


Following on from the commencement of closed captioned sessions at some cinemas last week, this week sees the increase of open captioned sessions and the introduction of audio description.

Increase of open captions

As a temporary measure while we wait for new closed caption equipment to be finalised, the following cinemas will begin six sessions per week of open captioned movies:

Event Cinemas Parramatta

Event Cinemas Glendale

Hoyts Erina

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Audio described DVDs on the rise in USA


The Audio Description Project in the USA has reported a record count of described DVDs for 2010.

The preliminary count is a whopping 48, far outpacing the entire history of described first-run movie DVDs from 2000 to 2009.

The increase is primarily due to the commitment of Sony, Universal Pictures and Disney to transfer description from movies described for cinema release to their DVD releases. Universal, however, has not committed to making the description available on all rental versions. Amazon USA is still not listing information confirming description, unlike Amazon’s UK site.

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Drupal 7 released with added accessibility support


Creating accessible webpages using the open source content management system Drupal is even easier after the release of a new version of Drupal on Thursday January 6 2011.

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Media accessibility – more of what's in store for Australians with a disability in 2011


What progress can Australians who are Deaf, hearing impaired, blind or vision impaired expect in access to media in 2011?

Here is Part 2 of Media Access Australia’s top ten predictions and wishes:   

1. More audio description available in Australian cinemas.

With the government and major cinemas coming to an agreement to roll out captioning and audio description services in cinemas over the next four years, Ally Woodford, Media Access Australia’s Cinema, Arts and DVD Project Manager, says, “On my wish list is that audio description will become more common on Australian movies, through Screen Australia funding support for audio description of them.

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