NVDA screen reader 2015.3 update released

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 16:51pm

NV Access has released the latest update of its NVDA screen reader for Microsoft Windows, adding introductory support for Windows 10, improvements for browsing web apps and increased functionality for Internet Explorer, among several additional features.

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Among the new features is support for braille translation tables and EcoBraille displays, recognition of Unicode math symbols, a keyboard shortcut to toggle single letter navigation on or off, and improved navigation in web apps such as Gmail, Twitter and Facebook. This includes several bug fixes which enhance performance, usability and responsiveness of the screen reader when in use.

Windows 10 support in NVDA 2015.3 is still experimental and NV Access recommends users wait for a supported NVDA update before using the screen reader with Microsoft’s latest operating system. Full details have been provided in a statement from NV Access covering NVDA and Windows 10 on Monday.

NVDA 2015.3 is free to download from the NV Access website and the full list of changes can be read on the What’s New in NVDA 2013.5 page.

For more information on the NVDA user experience, check out Dr Scott Hollier’s hands-on impressions with NVDA 2015.1.

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