Latest Google Chrome (Beta) has voice-to-text capabilities

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Thursday, 31 March 2011 12:30pm

Google has announced that the latest version of Google Chrome (Beta) now has voice-to-text capabilities, a feature that will ultimately enable users to input text by speaking into the computer’s microphone rather than use a keyboard.

The newly included HTML speech input API gives developers the ability to include voice-to-text in any webpage (or web app) they are developing. When a user accesses a webpage that uses this feature, you can click on an icon to enable it. You can then speak into your computer’s microphone and the audio (your voice) will be transcribed into text.

This work is part of the work Google is doing with the HTML Speech Incubator Group.

Webdragon, an Australian eBusiness solutions company that builds accessible websites, has tested the voice-to-text feature, reporting that “voice input is more accurate with American accents, but it still works well for common words spoken in an Australian accent”.

You can try out the voice-to-text feature if you are running the latest version of Google Chrome (Beta). Keep up to date about the latest developments in Google Chrome via the Google Chrome Blog.

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