Irish captioning provider offers live captioning and streaming service

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Friday, 13 May 2011 12:10pm

Premier Captioning and Realtime Ltd. in Ireland has launched a new live streaming and captioning service for online events.

The new service, See Write Now, offers a complete online streaming and captioning service for live events that are delivered over the Internet. Along with video content, See Write Now has recently delivered a live stream of captions for a radio show.

This is a prime example of traditional media, such as radio, and new media that is delivered via the Internet, converging to the benefit of people with a disability. The Australian Government is in the process of reviewing convergent media in Australia as part of the Convergence Review.

Also this week, Google launched its live captioning feature for live streaming video content, with a live captioned video stream of Google I/O, Google’s developer conference.

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