Apple TV software update improves accessibility

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Thursday, 7 February 2013 09:07am

Apple TVs are now easier to use for everybody after a software update to the device improved access features. Included in this update is support for Bluetooth keyboards and improved access to the Accessibility Menu.

Apple TV is a digital media receiver that can stream content from the internet to a TV. Users can access music, podcasts, apps, TV shows and movies on iTunes, and surf the web on a TV which has the device connected.

Apple TV already included support for VoiceOver, the screen reader that provides access to menus for blind users, and closed captions for those who are Deaf or hearing impaired. These have now been made easier to turn off and on due to the new toggle feature. Once this has been activated, users can quickly turn the Accessibility Menu on and off by pressing and holding the Menu button on the Apple TV remote control.

The Bluetooth keyboard support introduced in this update improves navigation by allowing you to use a keyboard instead of the onscreen keyboard in previous versions, which blind or vision impaired users may prefer.

The Airplay feature allows you to stream videos, such as those from ABC iView, from an Apple computer, iPad or iPhone over wifi. However, the closed captions may not be visible on the TV screen. This feature may also be helpful for people who are vision impaired, as Airplay allows you to mirror your device’s screen on to a TV, serving as a magnifier.

Costing $109, it could be an affordable option for people considering upgrading to a smart TV. A full list of updates for Apple TV can be found on the Apple website.

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