Accessible web browser and music player for Android released as standalone apps

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Thursday, 14 July 2011 14:37pm

Android users who are blind or vision impaired can now purchase Code Factory’s Accessible Web Browser and the new Accessible Music Player as standalone apps from the Android Market.

Accessible Web Browser was first released in March as part of Mobile Accessibility, a suite of ten accessible applications including a screen reader for Android. Due to popular demand, Accessible Web Browser  is now available for individual download from the Android Market for AU$21.07.

Accessible Music Player  is a new app that has a simple and intuitive design, allowing easy navigation between songs, artists and albums.  The music player audibly lists all the music on the memory card in your Android smartphone. The Accessible Music Player is available from the Android Market for AU$6.59.

For more information, read the media release about Accessible Web Browser and Accessible Music Player from Code Factory.

The two new apps are moves in the right direction for Android devices, which have lagged behind Apple’s devices in terms of accessibility. Read our recent commentary comparing Apple's and Google's approach to accessibility in their respective mobile operating systems to learn more.

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