Cavena announces text-to-speech system for ‘audio subtitling’

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Monday, 15 September 2014 13:30pm

Cavena, a major developer of captioning software based in Sweden, has announced a new system for vocalising the subtitles on foreign language films, which will help to make them accessible for the blind and vision impaired.

The system, which will use text-to-speech technology developed by Acapela Group. “Users who cannot read the small text at the bottom of the TV screen, will now be able to listen to it,” said Henrik Moberg, CEO of Cavena. “Furthermore, it will ease access for illiterate people or users that find it difficult to follow written subtitles.”

Lars Erik Larssen, CEO of Acapela, said, “The capacity of text-to-speech to turn any written text into natural audio will meet the demand from visually impaired users to access more content. Our synthetic voices offer a highly natural result to the end user while permitting the localization of programs in over 30 languages.”

Cavena has been demonstrating the new system at this year’s IBC conference in Amsterdam. For more information, see this news release from Acapela Group website.

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