UK cinemas consult on closed caption technology

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 09:59am

The UK’s Cinema Exhibitors’ Association (CEA), representing around 90 per cent of cinema operators, is undertaking research into technologies that assist people who are Deaf or hearing impaired enjoy movies.

Through a survey and invitation to attend an event demonstrating access technologies, the CEA hopes to garner consumer feedback on available technologies which display closed captions in the cinemas. The attendees will watch the Disney animation Wreck-It Ralph screened with a range of closed caption devices. They will then share their insights on the devices in a focus group.

The CEA expects to spend most of 2013 testing and trialling equipment that best serves the industry’s and customers’ needs. The resulting program will replace the current movie arrangements that are restricted to a number of open captioned sessions per week, similar to Australia’s accessible cinema program prior to digital conversion.

A working group to assist in the transition has been put together which includes representatives from the CEA, the Royal National Institute of Blind People, Action on Hearing Loss and the National Deaf Children’s Society. The UK’s accessible movie listing service, Your Local Cinema, is also a member of this group.

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