Cinemas change from open to closed captions

Monday, 18 July 2011 10:42am

A number of major cinema complexes have made the change from open captions to closed captions in recent weeks. This provides more opportunities to see captioned movies, but means captions are reliant on the availability of CaptiView units.

The new closed caption system has just been introduced at Event Cinemas at Parramatta, George Street Sydney and Maroochydore. You can still book movie tickets online for closed captioned movies, but on arrival at the cinema, you will need to visit the box office and collect a CaptiView unit.  

At this point in time there is no online booking mechanism for the CaptiView units, so we encourage users to arrive early to ensure a unit is available. You may wish to contact your cinema directly, as each location is different and may have a manual booking service available by phone or at the box office.

Each cinema will have a security system in place for the safe return of the unit. This may be in the form of leaving a photocopy of a driver's licence or other form of ID, or a refundable deposit. Please consult your local cinema about their security system.  

All major cinema chain locations that currently show open captioned movies will be moving across to the closed caption system at some point before the end of 2014. This is in keeping with the cinemas' agreement with the Federal Government to deliver captioned and audio described movies under the Cinema Access Implementation Plan.

Feedback on the rollout of the new captioning system can be emailed to

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