Voice your choice about the value of accessible product design

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Monday, 26 September 2016 16:30pm

From the Samsung Note7 recall to reviews of smart TVs and even toasters, Choice is known for their no-spin product and service ratings, reports and reviews. And now the consumer advocacy group is wanting to find out just how many people value accessible product design, with a new survey that's open to everyone to have their say.

A megaphone inside a speech balloon

A megaphone inside a speech balloon

If you have a disability or age-related health problem, have a close friend or family member who does, or you simply want to voice your opinion about why accessible product design is something that should be tested for when evaluating consumer electronics, then you can complete a survey prepared by Choice.

The new survey takes only five to seven minutes to finish and is an opportunity to answer some questions about accessibility and accessible appliances.

The organisation has developed scoring methods for upper limb dysfunction, eyesight impairment, wheelchair bound and cognitive impairment and has shared this information in the past in quite a few of their product evaluations.

Your answers will be anonymous and analysed in an aggregate way, and will help form the basis of how they provide information on the accessibility features of appliances to consumers in the near future.

Media Access Australia is keen to spread news of this survey as our goal is to encourage the development of products, and access to web and digitally delivered information about them, that are accessible to people of all abilities.

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