New caption software program ideal for public spaces

Wednesday, 26 May 2010 15:44pm

The USA’s Computer Prompting and Captioning Company (CPC) has released a high definition closed caption video player to the market called MacCaption Player.

The software-based MacCaption Player is designed for video exhibits that require accessibility for Deaf and hearing impaired people. The player software can connect to a custom wall-mounted button that can be accessed by the public in order to view captions over the video played on a standard HDTV.  The system is ideal for venues that require video playback such as museums, galleries, places of worship, digital signage and public displays. 

MacCaption Player displays HD captioned video superior in quality to Blu-ray.  It runs on a Mac mini or any other newer model Mac computer, and eliminates the need for complicated and expensive authoring of disc media. It does not require video compression, resulting in higher video quality whether you are displaying HD or SD video to the public. Complicated and expensive authoring of disc media is not needed.

The software comes with a display controller that allows the public to control the display of captions and subtitles. Connecting the controller is simple, and uses standard cables such as USB and HDMI. In most cases, no additional wiring is necessary.

MacCaption Player is currently being showcased at the American Association of Museum’s Museum Expo in Los Angeles. 

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