Disney extends its access services in Florida theme parks

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 16:02pm

Disney has announced plans to unveil audio description for its outdoor theme parks, as it currently does for more than 30 narrated indoor attractions and rides.

The audio description, delivered via headsets, guides vision impaired guests and others who can’t fully experience the visual aspect of visiting a Disney theme park. Guests will be able to hear descriptions of scenery, props and characters around them. These audio descriptions will extend beyond indoor rides and shows and out into the streets of Disney’s theme parks, and will even offer audio versions of restaurant menus for those who can’t read them.

Disney’s assistive technology system, which was introduced in 2005, is offered as a free hand-held device to park visitors.

Besides audio description, Disney offers captioning services for deaf and hearing impaired guests. These services include hand held captioning, where guests use a portable, wireless handheld receiver to display text in locations such as moving attractions. Reflective captioning is available at many theatre-type attractions, utilising an LED display to project desired captions onto an acrylic panel positioned in front of the guest. Caption-ready monitors are also available at many attractions. These monitors are designated with a ‘CC’ symbol and can only be activated by remote control, which guests can obtain on entry to the parks.  

All these services are free, with a refundable deposit for the equipment. Disney theme parks include Magic Kingdom, Epcot Theme Park, Hollywood Studios Theme Park and Animal Kingdom Theme Park. These parks are all part of Disney World in Florida. 

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