Experts come together to progress Australia’s web accessibility

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 11:38am

Australia’s key accessibility conference, The Australian Web Adaptability Initiative (OZeWAI), has today kicked off in Melbourne, attracting more than double the number of attendees than last year’s conference. Hosted by Media Access Australia, the 3-day conference is at the centre of the push to make Australian websites more usable for people with disabilities.

The conference brings together a range of professionals across information technology, with the increased numbers showing the shift, particularly in government and finance, towards considering the needs of people with a disability in web design and development.

Conference organiser and Media Access Australia Digital Technology and Online Media Manager, Sarah Pulis said, “The OZeWAI conference has been the one constant in the Australian accessibility landscape over the past 12 years while interest in accessibility has ebbed and flowed. It continues to be vital in moving web accessibility forward in Australia, and supporting the knowledge sharing that is essential if we are to make the internet inclusive.”

In taking on hosting of OZeWAI this year, Media Access Australia redeveloped the conference brand and website, seeking to retain the existing community while attracting new attendees and speakers.

The conference features speakers from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Topics covered at this year’s conference include PDF accessibility, HTML video and accessibility for an aging population.

Follow OZeWAI on Twitter and get updates from speakers and attendees via the hashtag #OZeWAI.

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