Teachers on the power of captions in the classroom

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 12:32pm

Media Access Australia recently spoke to teachers participating in this year’s CAP THAT! campaign about the power of captions to transform education delivery. Here are some of their insights.

Angie, an Itinerant Support Teacher for the Hearing Impaired at the NSW Department of Education and Communities

“I began promoting captions in the last three years after coming across an article about them. Curiosity got the better of me and I began researching the impact of captions and the sourcing of captions. I had a student who was in Year 7 and he was having major difficulties accessing auditory information in his lessons at high school.

“The captions have allowed him to understand the context of the video information, as before this he just couldn't.

“The only barrier I have encountered is "How to turn them on". This is why the CAP THAT! short videos have been invaluable in getting this information passed onto high school teachers in each subject area. The other class members have no objection in having them on. (And... it has helped me also, particularly in noisy high school classrooms.)

“The videos … are short, to the point and practical. I have personally emailed them directly to the current subject teachers. This method has been more effective than when I would verbally suggest them being turned on.”

Jenny, an Itinerant Support Teacher with the NSW Department of Education and Communities

“Captions can make a difference in the classroom in providing students with a hearing impairment equal access to learning. Captions go toward bridging the gap for them—they can decrease their sense of isolation. For the other students, they can help them to better understand what they are hearing—especially in an information DVD.”

Alex, English Teacher, William Clarke College

“[Captions] enable students to access different layers of meaning within a text. It also means that all students can access the text in the same way. Plus, it enriches the viewing experience with the amount of detail.

“[Captions] have helped me to be a better teacher in enabling my students to better access the relevant curriculum.”

For more information on the benefits of captions or to become a Captions Champion, go to the CAP THAT! website.

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