Samsung announces new eye-controlled mouse

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Friday, 28 November 2014 17:36pm

Electronics company Samsung has announced that it has created a new eye-controllable mouse, EYECAN+, to allow people with disabilities to browse the web and compose and edit documents through eye movements.

Hyung-Jin Shin, graduate student who has worked with Samsung demonstrates the EYECAN+ mouse. Image credit: Samsung Tomorrow

According to Samsung, rather than rely on a wearable device to track eye movements EYECAN+ instead uses a portable box that sits below the computer’s monitor and wirelessly calibrates with the user's eye.

“Once calibrated, the EYECAN+ user interface (UI) will appear as a pop-up menu in one of two different modes, rectangular menu board or floating menu wheel, both of which contain 18 different commands,” Samsung states on its website.

“Both menu types can be configured to remain at the fore of the screen. The use of all 18 commands solely requires eye movement and blinking, and each command can be selected by looking directly at the relevant icon and blinking once.”

Samsung said the mouse would not become commercially available, but would manufacture a limited quantity to donate to charity organisations.
However, there is hope that the device will be made available to the wider public.

“Both the technology and design of EYECAN+ will soon be made open source (free of copyright and available to all), and made accessible to companies and organisations that wish to commercialise the eye mouse,” the post reads.

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