iPad US release sparks discussion on accessibility features

Tuesday, 6 April 2010 11:15am

The Apple iPad has now been released in the US, and a CNET hands-on review, which looks at its accessibility features, has been published online.

Official reviewers and individuals alike are talking about the iPad and about their impressions of the accessibility features of the iPad.  Anikto LLC who specialise in universal design, web accessibility, virtual technology and social media have posted a good summary of iPad accessibility features with interesting insights and recommendations for future research and development. Another good read is first impressions of the iPad from the perspective of a blind user, which among other things talk about some of the minor changes observed in VoiceOver on the iPad compared with the iPhone.

Despite the US release, there is still no confirmed release date or price for the iPad in Australia. Further information on the access features of the iPad can be found in the digital technology of this website.

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