Senate backs classroom captioning

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 15:52pm

The Senate this week came out in support of funding for new technologies that will benefit students who are Deaf and hearing impaired as well as students in general.

Senator Mitch Fifield co-sponsored the motion to fund a National Schools Pilot Program of Ai-Media’s technology program Ai-Live. This is a program that allows for real-time captioning in the classroom to assist Deaf and hearing impaired students to participate more fully in learning.

This program is one of the initiatives in Australia intended to bring captions into the classroom, thereby assisting students who are Deaf and hearing impaired as well as many other students.

Media Access Australia has developed a comprehensive educational strategy to enable Australian teachers to more readily accommodate the needs of students.

Our strategy includes a wide range of initiatives such as our upcoming CAP THAT! campaign and our ongoing Classroom Access Project that have been designed to encourage teachers with hearing impaired students to turn on captions.

For those interested in finding out more about making education more accessible for students who are Deaf and hearing impaired, visit the education section of our new website.

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