Major US education access program includes YouTube in quality standards

Monday, 8 November 2010 11:16am

The Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP), a major education access program in the USA, has expanded its range of service endorsements for caption suppliers. DCMP already has preferred suppliers (referred to as vendors in America), but they have now expanded some requirements to include YouTube captioning.

Some of the “YouTube ready” requirements include:

  • Be certified by the DCMP to appear on its list of "Approved Captioning Service Vendors" and have been approved on or before 15 May 2010
  • Maintain at least one video on its YouTube channel that displays captions provided by the vendor's own captioning services
  • Maintain at least one captioned video on its YouTube channel that describes vendor's captioning services in detail
  • Publicly post online the rates it charges to provide captions for videos that may be uploaded to YouTube
  • Publicly post online its contact information for questions and complaints

This represents an interesting development in captioning services, particularly as the recently passed 21st Century Video Accessibility Act includes requirements to ensure that captions translate across to download versions of content.

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