A review of the LG RH2T250 HD DVD recorder

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The LG RH2T250

LG Electronics loaned Media Access Australia an RH2T250, which is a combined hard drive and DVD recorder. This model has an inbuilt digital tuner, allowing digital reception with captions.

On testing the model we found that the RH2T250 is capable of displaying and recording captions.

The set up for the recorder was relatively simple and fast. The captions were displayed on a black background in coloured text and the font size and spacing was considered one of the best displays we have seen.

Recording was simple. By choosing the HDD or DVD button, then pressing Record, the program would record to the selected format. On viewing the program once recorded, the captions could be turned on or off on both formats. The captions must be displayed before the recording began to be displayed during playback.

You can copy a saved program from the hard drive onto DVD by selecting the dubbing option from the HDD menu for the program. Captions do not copy over from the hard drive to DVD. To ensure your captions display on DVD, this must be the primary recording format.

Although you are able to play the disc on another DVD player once you finalise the disc, you will only be able to display the captions on the RHT250.

One thing to note is that the RH2T250 is a single digital tuner, meaning you are unable to watch one program with captions and record another one with captions at the same time.

Overall, LG’s RH2T250 is one model that MAA can guarantee will easily display and record captions to either DVD or hard drive.

Media Access Australia recommends all consumers discuss captioning capabilities with a salesperson prior to purchase.

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