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Exhibition without art promotes audio description

27 May 2012

Roberta: One of the challenges for arts administrators across all art forms is attracting and retaining new audiences. An art gallery in Poland has come up with a novel and quirky way of doing things using only audio description to describe and sell paintings by well-known Polish artists. Ally Woodford from Media Access Australia joins us today to tell us more. Welcome Ally.

Ally: Thanks Roberta. Hi everyone.

Roberta: It’s such an interesting idea; can you tell us just how it came about?


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Behind the scenes: audio description at the theatre

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For something different, Media Access Australia’s Eliza Cussen takes readers behind the scenes at one of Sydney’s most beloved theatres to reveal how audio description has become a vital part of what they do.

There’s a term kids learn in Year 9 Drama: mise en scéne, or ‘everything but the script.’ It’s used to help set the atmosphere of a performance, the light, the costume, the set design, the acting. It reminds everyone working on a play that the script is only the skeleton, on to which must be placed muscle, skin and clothes. For most theatre goers it is these elements which carry much of the play’s meaning, but if you’re blind or vision impaired, this meaning can be lost.

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