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Nintendo announces DSi XL, with 93% larger screen


Today Nintendo America announced it will be releasing a new version of the Nintendo DSi model with a screen nearly twice the size of previous models, improving the gaming experience for people who are vision impaired.


In addition to the larger screen, the DSi XL will also have a new social media focus, to try and provide better social gaming options through the increased screen real estate.

The DSi XL will be launched in the United States on 28 March and retail for $US189.99.  There is currently no confirmed launch date for Australia. Further information on the DSi XL can be found on the CNET News website.

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Lack of WCAG 2.0 a concern for education websites: report

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The Australian Flexible Learning Framework has released a report on the potential implications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 for the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

The report raised a number of online accessibility concerns facing the VET sector, including the lack of WCAG-related resources, a lack of awareness by web developers and a lack of access training for teachers. One of the biggest concerns, however, was the legal implications of the Australian Government continuing to stay with the 11-year-old WCAG 1.0 standard.

Top of page launches search-and-book accessible accommodation system

no, the world’s largest travel booking website, now allows users to specifically search and book accommodation that is accessible to people with a particular disability.

The search provides people with the opportunity to check if accommodation facilities include access for people who are hearing impaired, accessible bathrooms, wide pathways and Braille materials. The service was trialled in August last year, and its formal launch and expansion is likely to see an increase in visitors. Currently the website is receiving 500 booking requests based on the service per week.

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Four Corners program on disability issues available online with captions


The recent Four Corners program Breaking Point, which looks at the plight of Australians living with a disability, or caring for someone who is disabled, can now be viewed on the ABC’s website with captions.

While this is the first time that the ABC has made one of its online programs available with captions, it has now committed to providing captions on all prime time programs on its iView video streaming service by the end of March 2010.

Breaking Point can be viewed on the Four Corners website.


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