Major American Audio Description Conference announced

Monday, 31 May 2010 09:49am

The American Council of the Blind is hosting its annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona in July. As part of this, the Audio Description Project is holding an integrated 3-day conference. 

Covering a range of audio description issues and with a range of international experts, the program includes:

  • Practical information on what works in development of description in different media and situations (media, museums, performing arts)
  • Address from Assistant Attorney General (Arizona) Rose Daly-Rooney on the recent cinema access decision in Arizona 
  • Certification for AD practitioners
  • A number of presentations from around the world via the Internet, including:  Pilar Orero (Spain), the Audio Describers Alliance (UK), and Australia’s John Simpson (Vision Australia)
  • German describer Bernd Benecke on training and AD technique
  • Legislative update  in the USA
  • Film and DVD AD in Canada
  • Bill Stark from the Described and Captioned Media  Program
  • Audio Description Project Awards

The main conference page can be found at:


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