Deaf actor inspires to caption online

Tuesday, 23 February 2010 14:17pm

The Oscar winning Deaf actor Marlee Matlin inspired Disney so much that it agreed to expand its online captioning efforts.

Matlin was distressed at the online versions of programs not containing captions, including her appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Her protest was included in a video clip that was posted on the Internet and seen by Disney. 

Disney reacted quickly and instead of captioning only dramas and comedies, it has now committed to captioning all long-form programs on its online player at, including live and reality shows such as Dancing With the Stars

For more information, see the Federal Communications Commission’s website.

In Australia the only television network that has currently committed to providing captions on online versions of its programs is the ABC. From the end of March 2010, it will provide captioned online versions of prime time content from ABC1 and ABC2.


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