Ofcom consults on sign language requirements

Friday, 25 July 2014 10:15am

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has launched a review of the signing arrangements it has in place for TV channels with low audience levels.

In 2007, Ofcom announced that channels with an audience share of between 0.05% and 1% had to show at least 30 minutes of programming a week with British Sign Language. However, two years later, it gave these channels the alternative of spending £20,000 each year in a way that would also increase the level of signed programs on TV. Over 50 channels have taken this option, and contribute this amount annually to the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust, which funds signed content on the Community Channel and Film 4.

In its consultation, Ofcom is asking whether the amount of signing on these low-audience programs should be increased, and whether the approved alternative payments should also increase over time.

Ofcom also recently released its list of TV channels required to provide access services in 2015.

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