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April 2014
Date Published News headline and description
15 April 2014 Accessible app competition launched
The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and the Australian Human Rights Commission have come together to run the inaugural Apps...
15 April 2014 Results of our survey on multichannel captioning
A survey conducted by Media Access Australia has found that levels of captioning on commercial multichannels, which include 7Two, Go! and One, remain...
14 April 2014 Perth to host Web4All and World Wide Web conferences
Perth has won its bid to host the 2017 Web4All (W4A) and World Wide Web (WWW) conferences. The two co-located events will see world renowned web...
10 April 2014 Microsoft accessibility expert wins award for captioning work
Anne Marie Rohaly, director of accessibility policy and standards at Microsoft, has won a national broadcasting award for her work on making online...
10 April 2014 Live captions for students on the autism spectrum
Captioning company Ai-Media has launched a pilot program to test a new product designed to help students on the autism spectrum. 
08 April 2014 ACMA grants subscription TV caption exemptions
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has granted caption exemptions to three subscription TV suppliers, Telstra Pay TV, Optus...
07 April 2014 Top captioned shows on Plus7
Last week we reported on Seven becoming the first commercial network in Australia to make its catch-up TV service accessible to viewers who are Deaf...
02 April 2014 Accessible media and the autism spectrum
Today is World Autism Awareness Day. While many may be familiar with issues facing people with autism spectrum disorders, few are aware of the...
02 April 2014 Qantas improves in-flight accessibility
Australia’s national airline has drastically improved the experience of flying for blind and vision impaired passengers by making the devices used on...
01 April 2014 Captions now available on Plus7
The Seven network’s Plus7 has become the first commercial TV catch-up service to provide closed captions.
01 April 2014 ARIA becomes an official web standard
Screen reader users can expect to gain greater access to websites thanks to technical guidelines, called WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative -...
March 2014
Date Published News headline and description
28 March 2014 That 70s captioned show: how the news was first brought to Deaf Americans
Following the release of our white paper on caption quality, we look back at the origins of television captioning.
27 March 2014 Making materials accessible in the classroom
Accessing education materials, such as videos and diagrams, in the classroom is a particular challenge for students who are blind or vision impaired...
25 March 2014 Measuring caption quality: our white paper
Media Access Australia today released a white paper entitled Caption quality: International approaches to standards and measurement. It focuses on...
24 March 2014 Captioning campaign launched in New Zealand
The National Foundation for the Deaf has launched a campaign, Caption It!, calling for increased levels of captioning on New Zealand television.
21 March 2014 Top themes from CSUN 2014
The Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, commonly known as CSUN, has kicked off. The event, held in San Diego,...
21 March 2014 ACMA given more discretion to investigate complaints
The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) is to be given greater discretion about whether to investigate complaints under the ...
20 March 2014 Deaf Australia appoints new CEO
Deaf Australia has appointed Kyle Miers as its new chief executive officer, replacing Karen Lloyd AM, who retired in February.
20 March 2014 ABC iview on the road to accessibility
The ABC is working on Australia’s most accessible catch-up TV service as it rolls out improvements to iview.
18 March 2014 Deaf Australia appoints new CEO
Deaf Australia has appointed Kyle Miers as its new chief executive officer, replacing Karen Lloyd AM, who retired in February.