Top Five Web Accessibility Pitfalls from our W3C Representative Dr Scott Hollier

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Monday, 4 July 2011 11:49am

This month, our W3C representative Dr Scott Hollier draws inspiration from the plethora of accessibility misinformation to write about his Top Five Web Accessibility Pitfalls.

The web accessibility world is plagued by accessibility myths and misinformation, with the latest to draw the attention of the W3C accessibility community being Essential Accessibility, a software package that claims to solve all your accessibility problems.

In this month’s W3C column, Dr Hollier discusses the shortcomings of these so-called ‘silver-bullet’ accessibility solutions along with these other common pitfalls:

  • No one else has captions or audio description on their website, so I don’t need to either!
  • Websites can’t be media-rich and accessible at the same time
  • My website is accessible because the evaluation tool told me so
  • WCAG 2.0 is the only W3C accessibility standard

Dr Scott Hollier represents Media Access Australia on the W3C Advisory Committee and publishes the W3C Column monthly.

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