Top five podcast episodes of 2013

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Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:12pm

Each week, we help produce a segment for Vision Australia Radio. Presented by community broadcasting legend Roberta Ashby, these offer a special opportunity to share developments in technology with people who don’t necessarily spend a lot of time online. Here, we share some of the favourites broadcast in the past year.

All episodes come with transcripts.

  1. Women with disability overcome the digital divide, 26 April
    A report by Women With Disabilities Victoria has found that the digital divide faced by people with disability is even wider for women. Online Editor Eliza Cussen and presenter Roberta Ashby issue a rallying cry for women to take up technology.
  2. Barriers to voting, 7 July 2013
    As the federal election draws near, we look at how the democratic process in Australia works if you're blind or vision impaired.
  3. Audio description in regional NSW, 22 September
    Order of Australia Medal recipient Mary Lovett shares her experience of advocating for greater access to movies in Mudgee New South Wales.
  4. Wearable technology, 8 December
    Technology writer Clarizza Fernandez shares her predictions for how the emerging world of technology you can wear holds potential for people with disability.
  5. Graeme Innes on the NBN, 3 June
    Speaking in his role as a National Broadband Network champion, Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes tells us of how disability is the untold story of the NBN.

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