Accessible air travel conference prepares for take off

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 17:26pm

Washington DC is set to host the inaugural Air Travel Accessibility Conference for passengers with disability requiring access to airline and airport ground services as well as in flight services.

The Association for Airline Passenger Rights (AAPR) is seeking registrants for the conference, commencing 10 December, where aviation, business, disability, government and related stakeholders will convene to discuss and consider the needs of all passengers. Presentations are expected from a range of experts in the related fields.

The AAPR provides further information on the conference program and registration details on its website.

Accessible air travel in the USA has long been an issue actively supported by American travellers and covered to a certain level by the Air Carrier Access Act. In March 2013 the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act was introduced to further improve the availability of accessible in-flight entertainment. The inaugural Air Travel Accessibility Conference will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss the legislation and continue current debates around aspects of accessible air travel.

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