ABC’s 7.30 program highlights Screen Australia’s audio description policy

Friday, 10 June 2011 14:22pm

Screen Australia’s announcement yesterday of its new audio description policy for feature films was highlighted on last night’s 7.30 on the ABC.

The policy requires all feature films applying for Screen Australia investment to be audio described from July 2011, complementing Screen Australia’s access requirement since 2007 for captioning of feature films.

The segment on 7.30 provided personal stories of what audio described Australian movies will mean to people with vision impairment. Teenagers Anjana Thomas and Lara Nahkle are looking forward to being able to enjoy the cinema experience with friends from now on. Anjana said, “This kind of helped me know what’s going on, instead of asking someone, ‘Oh, what just happened?’ Yeah, I like it.”

On experiencing audio described cinema with her daughter Lara, Antoinette Nahkle said, “I saw her face light up. It makes me feel like actually one day she can get out there and go with a group of friends and go and enjoy things in life that everyone enjoys.”

View the 7:30 segment on the ABC website available with a transcript, or it can be viewed with captions for a limited time on ABC’s iView service.

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