Exhibition celebrates the art of audio description

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Thursday, 10 May 2012 08:55am

An art gallery in Poland has shown an exhibition featuring only audio description of artworks. The exhibition is intended to reveal how visual art is made accessible for people who are blind or vision impaired and celebrate audio description as an art form in its own right.

The exhibition, Art Never Seen, formed part of a public relations campaign for the Audiodescription Foundation. It was promoted as a regular art exhibition. When people arrived at one of Warsaw’s trendiest galleries, they were surprised to find only headphones hanging on the walls. Through the headphones, visitors heard descriptions of what each piece of art looks like. 

At auction, visitors were asked to bid on the artworks based on the descriptions. The bids were generally above the market value of the pieces. Proceeds from the auction were used to educate gallery and museum curators on how to implement audio description in their own venues.

A list of Australian galleries and museums that provide audio description is available in our Cinema and the Arts section.

If the video below doesn't play, you can watch it on YouTube.


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