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March 2017
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07 March 2017 New Australian app for A.T. users to better equip themselves
A new consumer app is helping Australians with disabilities to identify the range of Assistive Technology (AT) equipment and technology options...
May 2016
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23 May 2016 “Okay Google, turn on Voice Access”
As part of its focus to make Android devices more accessible to people with disabilities, Google has launched Voice Access Beta, a new accessibility...
19 May 2016 5 ways to experience digital accessibility on Global Accessibility Awareness Day
As today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we thought that we would encourage some involvement amongst the community so that you can gain...
January 2016
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12 January 2016 CES 2016 accessibility round-up
The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was held in Las Vegas, USA last week, is generally considered the world’s largest...
December 2015
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23 December 2015 The most popular accessibility stories of 2015
As the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of the most popular articles and events regarding consumer accessibility across the web,...
November 2015
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16 November 2015 Xbox Accessories app supports standard controller remapping
The recently updated Xbox Accessories app from Microsoft now provides button remapping support for standard Xbox One controllers, adding to the list...
August 2015
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05 August 2015 Connect Ability Challenge awards accessible tech innovators
The Connect Ability Challenge, which challenges developers to build accessible technology solutions for people with disabilities using only existing...
January 2015
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08 January 2015 Intel offers glimpse of emerging accessible technologies
Computer chip manufacturer Intel has revealed new technologies it is working on which will make devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs more...
December 2014
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19 December 2014 Accessible Christmas gift ideas for 2014
Looking for that special something for that special someone—a Christmas present that is both accessible and awesome? Look no further than Media...
19 December 2014 Education highlights of 2014
This year we have further explored accessible media and resources available to support students with diverse learning needs.
November 2014
Date Published News headline and description
28 November 2014 Samsung announces new eye-controlled mouse
Electronics company Samsung has announced that it has created a new eye-controllable mouse, EYECAN+, to allow people with disabilities to browse the...
27 November 2014 3D printers to improve classroom access
While not traditionally thought of as media, 3D printers are emerging as a new way for students to access learning and information.
13 November 2014 Understanding the experience of gamers with disabilities
Gamers with disabilities often face challenges due to accessibility issues found in games, despite some good resources for developers who want to...
October 2014
Date Published News headline and description
16 October 2014 National Curriculum Review and inclusiveness
Commentary by Anne McGrath, Education Manager, Media Access Australia The education community has been anticipating the Australian Government’s newly...
09 October 2014 Texpo to showcase new assistive technology for the blind
Vision Australia’s Texpo 14, which starts in Melbourne on Friday, will showcase the latest assistive technology which has been developed to improve...
08 October 2014 Accessible consumer technologies and the cloud: VisAbility Tech Outlook 2014
Dr Scott Hollier's keynote presentation at the VisAbility Tech Outlook 2014 is now available to download via SlideShare.
03 October 2014 Assistive technology: choice never greater
Despite an often slow and mixed development history, the choice and availability of assistive technology to help people with disabilities access PCs...
September 2014
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02 September 2014 Finding your way around our updated education website content
The education section of our website has a new menu structure, with an increased level of content and information to assist teachers and parents.
August 2014
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20 August 2014 Disability employment: three easy steps
Getting ready to either help or directly employ people with disabilities is easier than you think. Here are three reasons why.
June 2014
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11 June 2014 Winners of US Awards for Advancement in Accessibility announced
America’s communications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the winners of the 2014 FCC Chairman Awards for...