Autism app helps communication

Monday, 19 April 2010 09:50am

Australian-born Lisa Domican, who now lives in Ireland, has developed a communication application for the iPhone to help her autistic daughter communicate when out and about. The application provides pictures for common words and concepts that her daughter Grace (which the app is named after) uses to build sentences.

Based on the Picture Exchange Communications System (PECS) which uses photos  that are velcroed together to make phrases and sentences, the electronic adaptation of the system is more portable. The touch-screen of the iPhone is essential as it mimics the PECS system.

The application is being trialled in Ireland. Local autism peak body Aspect says that it would probably like to trial the application, but stresses that it complements the PECS system, rather than replacing it.  For more information on the application, see the Sydney Morning Herald website.

Other communications solutions for people with Autism, include a special monthly cinema screening program in AMC cinemas in the US.


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