VEA and Classroom Video caption new range of DVDs for 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010 13:36pm

Video Education Australia (VEA) and Classroom Video have captioned a number of new DVDs as part of their commitment to accessible education resources. The 2010 Catalogue features new titles across many subjects, including Human Society and its Environment (HSIE), Careers, Design and Technology, English and Media Studies, History, Physical Education, Science, Maths and the Arts.

Specialist titles for primary education focus on communication skills and healthy eating with titles such as Getting along – Positive Communication and Smart Food, Healthy Body. Environmental titles are useful across a range of subjects and it is expected that they will receive greater emphasis in coming years in light of the draft National Curriculum’s core focus on understanding sustainable ways of living.

More than 120 of VEA’s captioned DVDs are featured in MAA’s Accessible Education Database.  VEA and Classroom Video warmly welcome feedback on their audiovisual products for future improvements. Contact details can be found on the VEA and the Classroom Video websites, which also give full catalogues of DVDs available, with the universal CC symbol used to clearly identify those that are captioned.


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