Teachers asked to switch on captions for literacy and learning

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 09:49am

It’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW) and Media Access Australia is encouraging all educators to switch on captions in the classroom through its annual CAP THAT! campaign.

Beyond access to the soundtrack for students with hearing impairment, captions can provide focus, word association and increased comprehension skills for a wide range of students. The benefits of captions on educational videos, presented in a variety of research, signifies that switching them on provides a comprehensive method of learning.

In the last week of its 2014 campaign, CAP THAT! will be sending out a tip of the day each day to its 1,277 fans. Each tip will highlight one important aspect of captions and education. There’s still time for teachers to be a part of CAP THAT! for 2014 by registering to become a Captions Champion and receiving the newsletter.

For teachers that have already become a Captions Champion, CAP THAT! asks that during NLNW they:

  • Promote captions to their teaching colleagues
  • Switch on captions for videos they show in class
  • Hand out the CAP THAT! information flyers, provided in their Captions Champion Kit
  • Include some information on captions in their school newsletter.

These and other ideas are available in the Captions Champion Kit, free to anyone that registers.

CAP THAT! is sponsored by The Conexu Foundation and is supported by the Australian Government through National Literacy and Numeracy Week.

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