Government review of disability standards in education

Tuesday, 22 February 2011 09:42am

Peter Garrett, Minister for School Education, has released a discussion paper which encourages people to contribute to the Review into Disability Standards for Education 2005.

The Review of Disability Standards for Education 2005 discussion paper provides an important opportunity for education providers, training colleges, teachers and parents to provide feedback about important issues that may require comment. The aim of the Review is to improve “the education and training experience for people with disability”.

With enough feedback from the public, the Government will be provided with a better picture of how effective the current education disability standards are. Garrett has stated the review will “help ensure a more inclusive Australian society which enables people with disability to achieve their full potential”.

A key focus for Media Access Australia regarding this review is the issue of access to multimedia for students in schools and universities. Parents and students need to be aware of the Disability Standards so they are fully informed when making a choice of school or educational institution.

Media Access Australia has a targeted education strategy that addresses issues of access for students with sensory impairment in the classroom.

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