Cost effective interactive white board solution has access benefits

Monday, 25 January 2010 10:39am

The US-based PR Newswire has reported on a new interactive whiteboard innovation by Epson that will cut costs for schools significantly and offer great access benefits.

 The Epson BrightLink 450Wi was announced earlier this month and turns virtually any whiteboard or smooth board area into a wall for interactive learning. The projector mounts easily to a wall and offers advanced connectivity for wireless networks.  It halves the amount of equipment traditionally needed for a traditional Interactive White Board (IWB), and projects onto a larger interactive surface area than normal IWBs.

Rajeev Mishra, director, Epson Projection, Epson America was quoted in PR Newswire as saying, “Creating a better learning environment and staying within budgetary constraints are the key goals educators have when considering the purchase of any classroom technology."

An inbuilt closed captioning decoder comes at no extra cost, making whiteboard presentations accessible to students who are Deaf or have hearing impairment.

The Epson BrightLink 450Wi will be available for purchase from March 2010.


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