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Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:52am

A lot of new things are happening in the Apple universe. There's an iOS 10 Home ‘button‘ and Voice Control update, along with a wonderful new Apple Support app that is ideal for people with a hearing impairment as well as those suffering from anxiety.

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Exciting news from the 10.2.1 iOS update is that users can now turn off Voice Control. It’s great for people who accidentally have their finger on the Home button for too long to open and don’t want Siri or Voice Control to become active. Simply go to: Settings/General/Accessibility and Home button. You now have the ability to select the default of "Press and Hold" to Siri, Voice Control or OFF.

News for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices is that you now have an option to Control your click on start up. The Home button is now a sensor and does not actually physically move, but instead just provides the feeling of a click through haptic feedback.

Users can set how much of a “click” you get in the Home button settings: Settings/ General/ Home Button, and then choose your click… 1) is the least amount of vibration or feedback. 2) delivers medium vibration feedback. 3) provides the most.

You can also make a change to not even have to press Home in the Accessibility settings. Go to: Settings/ General/ Accessibility and Home Button. Then turn on “Rest finger to Open” that is at the bottom of the page, instead of having to apply physical pressure.

Some of this is a new muscle memory activity for some users and Apple has received a few customer concerns about it. However, the company has advised that on most occasions it is just taking the time to learn the new way to engage, holding your finger a fraction longer, and you are easily into your device.

Apple has also recently launched the Apple Support app on the iTunes store for Apple users, with an onscreen chat function and much more. It's designed to automatically recognise and work with all your devices and allows you to see all the support options for any given issue. It is terrific for people who may have a hearing impairment and can’t call the Apple Support line and it's also a great alternative support method for individuals with anxiety.

This follows news of new access features in iOS 10 which Media Access Australia reported in early February 2017 where you can read about iOS 10 Magnifier and Color Filters functionality.


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