Vlingo app for BlackBerry now reads out messages

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 14:08pm

Vlingo has introduced a free feature to its Vlingo application for the BlackBerry called ScreenReader which reads aloud text messages and emails.

ScreenReader is designed for people who are driving, rather than people who are blind or vision impaired. As a consequence, Vlingo advises people, “Before getting on the road simply press a button, speak to the device ‘Start SafeReader’ and then all incoming messages will be delivered audibly, without fail.” We assume this means all messages will be read out to you as soon as they are received, which could prove to be an inconvenience if you are using your mobile phone in a public place without a handset. Nevertheless, it gives people who are blind or vision impaired access that was previously unavailable to them.

The free version of Vlingo includes SafeReader as well as features to search the Web, dial your phone, update Twitter and Facebook Status, create ‘notes to self’, open downloaded and native apps and send texts to contacts that have Vlingo using speech recognition.

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