Universal Subtitles project brings volunteers together to caption online video

Thursday, 15 April 2010 10:31am


A new project titled Universal Subtitles has been launched to provide a Wikipedia-like centralised resource to make it easy for volunteers to add closed captions to virtually any online video.

The Participatory Culture Foundation, best known as the maker of the Miro media player, has announced that a public demonstration of how the resources will work will take place in four to six weeks. 

Initiatives associated with the project include connecting with volunteers through Mozilla’s Drumbeat community, and the provision of a subtitle widget to create the captions, then store them on the universalsubtitles.org website for use by anyone watching the video. 

You may also be interested in the Collaborative Video Subtitling Design Challenge, a joint collaboration between Mozilla Labs and the Participatory Culture Foundation. The Challenge focuses on finding creative solutions to the question: Collaborative subtitling - "How can users quickly create a timed transcript of any video on the web?"

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