Oracle layoffs raise concerns over Sun's access initiatives

Wednesday, 10 February 2010 10:02am

Since Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, a number of Linux accessibility specialists have been removed from the company, moving the focus of Linux access back towards the open-source community.

The former team leader for GNOME accessibility development, Willie Walker, has raised concerns about the decision by Oracle, indicating that Sun was now understaffed in this area and would not be able to continue to the same degree that it had previously.

Although the decision has the potential to slow down the development of Linux accessibility, other recent initiatives including the donation by Mozilla Corporation to support GNOME accessibility suggest that the open-source community will endeavour to increase support in this area.

Further information on the Sun accessibility layoffs can be found at the Ostatic website.  Further information on Linux accessibility can be found on this website in the New Media – Linux section.


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