Jeenee Mobile donating connections for improved access

Friday, 5 December 2014 13:26pm

Social enterprise Jeenee Mobile has announced that it will increase access to mobile phone connections for people with a disability through donating 10,000 connections.

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The not-for-profit telecommunications company, which has recently won Money Magazine's Best Value Mobile Plan - High Usage 2015, will use revenues from its $35 Smart Phone Pack consumer plan sales to fund the social inclusion initiative—worth some $8.4 million.

According to the company, for every 10 connections to the plan, Jeenee Mobile is able to fund one donated connection. Every donation—valued at $840—includes a 24 month plan, individualised smartphone with one button access to 24/7 specialised support from trained consultants.

Jeenee Mobile runs on the Optus 4G network.

Detailing the initiative, Jeenee Mobile general manager, Jeremy Way, said thousands of Australians were excluded from mobile connectivity due to their higher support needs which can also exclude them from their communities.

"Our growth and donation targets are ambitious; however we only need a fraction of Australia’s 30,000,000 connections to come across to Jeenee to make a huge impact," he said. "Everyone knows someone with higher care needs, many who may benefit from greater connectedness, so we believe Australians will get behind this.”

Media Access Australia's web accessibility expert, Dr Scott Hollier, said it was refreshing to see a telecommunications company directly address the needs of the one in five Australians with a disability.

“With effective accessibility features now present in recent low-cost Android smartphones, attention then turns away from the cost of the device and towards the cost of the plan," Dr Hollier, who is also a former member of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network's (ACCAN) Standing Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, said.

"This initiative, when paired with an accessible budget smartphone, will provide increased opportunities for people with disabilities to effective participate online.”

People can apply for a donated mobile connection on the Jeenee Mobile website.

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