Australasian firm ensures accessible accounting

Monday, 10 May 2010 12:32pm

Accomplish Ltd has released version 15 of its CashManager accounting software, which is very accessible to blind people using assistive technology such as screen readers. The secret of its accessibility, according to general manager Grant Hewson, is, “This simplicity in program design and operation.”


The company is also committed to working with blind organisations and users around the world to refine the software. This includes creating shortcut keys for every screen choice. Blind users normally use a keyboard to navigate rather than a mouse, and programming keys to perform tasks greatly assists this process.

The software was endorsed by the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind in 2008 (Accomplish was founded in Australia but is now based in Auckland, New Zealand) and Vision Australia has also audited it with very positive results.

“Creating accessible software for more specialist uses, such as accounting, is part of a wider trend in incorporating accessibility into mainstream products, including major operating systems such as Windows 7,“ said MAA CEO Alex Varley.

“Accomplish has also incorporated blind user feedback into its general product evaluation and this has helped in developing a better product for everybody, not just blind users.”

For more information on Accomplish Ltd’s CashManager, see the Disabled World webpage.


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